Thursday December 17, 2020
PETERBOROUGH owner Keith Chapman says a visit to the track last week was a real boost.

Chapman was at the East of England Arena for a meeting but at the same time took the opportunity to check up on the track.

And he’s revealed how it wouldn’t take long to have it prepared for a meeting – even with current weather conditions.

“It’s looking really good,” he said. “It’s so smooth and it would only take a couple of hours to get it in mint condition for racing. It was a real boost to see it.

“It should mean there won’t be a lot of work ahead of next season to get the place ready. I’m confident we’ll see more fast racing on a great surface which the riders enjoy being on.”

Chapman is remaining tight-lipped at this stage regarding team structures at Premiership level with some riders ruled out because of rules in Poland preventing them from riding in more than two other leagues.

“I don’t like it but we have to work with the tools we have,” he said. “It’s well known a lot of discussions have taken place between the clubs and I’m sure a solution will be found very soon.

“Whatever the outcome we will ensure Peterborough will be competitive and we’ll have a team full of riders who are desperate to succeed.”

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