Tuesday January 28, 2020
New parking restrictions for Disabled parking for the 2020 season:

The Peterborough promotion have taken the decision to use the Showground’s official disabled parking areas that are situated at the nearest point of entry to the Peterborough Showground venue.

This decision hasn’t been taken lightly and is due to a number of situations.

Due to the death of a close colleague at a race venue towards the end of last year, we have made a conscious decision to restrict the amount of vehicle movement within the Showground on a race night.

Peterborough Speedway runs alongside a number of events at the Showground every season, and when these events clash we have to move our disabled parking facility to a different location within the Showground on these occasions.

We had a number of blue badge holders not using the allocated parking areas correctly and they felt the need to park in other areas that blocked emergency access roads and Public byways. This is a Health and Safety issue within the Showground.

A number of our volunteer car parking staff have been verbally abused when confronting owners of cars parked outside the designated parking areas.

We respect the fact that the above hasn’t been caused by everyone issued with a blue badge, and we do also know and understand this decision affects everyone that will attend our race meetings that are issued with a blue badge.

We have over the years made preservations for internal disabled parking but unfortunately we cannot carry this on, and we will use the official disabled parking that is used at all Showground events.

Sorry for the inconvenience but we hope everyone understands the situation.

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