Thursday September 15, 2022
Asset Earning Power Group (AEPG), operator of the East of England Arena and Events Centre, has announced that the Peterborough Panthers will be able to complete their 2023 season as planned.

The news comes after CEO Ashley Butterfield successfully negotiated with stakeholders to allow the team to retain full use of the speedway track and grandstand, which were facing closure.

Ashley Butterfield, CEO, AEPG, said "We knew the importance of allowing the Peterborough Panthers and the speedway track more time to plan their future, and when the land development plan was accelerated in June, it appeared to require the closure of the Speedway facilities much earlier than the previous development agreement had anticipated."

Butterfield continued, "We have worked tirelessly with the Panthers, and other stakeholders, to secure everyone’s agreement on a change to the development plan that allows the team to use the speedway track and grandstand until the end of the racing season in 2023. I’m grateful to everyone involved in reaching this decision.”

“Quick action by AEPG now guarantees that the Peterborough Panthers will have a home circuit until the end of the racing season next year and more freedom to plan for the future.” Butterfield concluded.

Keith Chapman of the Peterborough Panthers said, "AEPG and Ashley have worked closely with us from the start, and we were among the first to know that the Panthers would ultimately need a new home circuit as part of this development plan. AEPG immediately alerted us to the change in pace of the development earlier this summer, and what this meant for us. The Panthers have been included in the negotiations and meetings so far, and I'm delighted that we have secured use of the grandstand and track as promised, allowing us to complete the racing 2023 season without interruption.”

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