Thursday May 20, 2021
PETERBOROUGH have moved to clarify ticket arrangements following feedback received in the first week of the Premiership season.

The club’s pricing structure for children has been revised such that tickets for under-16s will now be on sale for £5, and under-5s will go free.

The changes will come into effect immediately, but the club are aware that a small number of tickets in the previous 12-17 category have already been sold at the higher price of £8 for upcoming meetings.

Should you be affected by this, please show the ticket for the meeting concerned at the speedway office and we will provide you with a free programme.

Panthers owner Keith Chapman said: “We are reacting to feedback from both supporters and councils after our first meeting at King’s Lynn, and these systems are all new for everyone.

“It has become clear that we need to count everyone under the age of 12 who enters the stadium, and this is something we hadn’t previously appreciated.

“We’re trying to be as fan-friendly as we can be, whilst working in a situation where the rules we have to adhere to can change on almost a daily basis.

“The last thing I want is for anyone to feel they’re being ripped-off, and I appreciate that having to make these alterations once we’ve already sold tickets isn’t ideal.

“But we’re trying to be fair to everyone along with working closely with the authorities to make sure we can run, and be able to do so at an affordable level.

“We’re all working with restricted numbers at the moment and we very much hope that can change next month, and I thank everyone for their patience and understanding.”

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