Wednesday May 19, 2021
PETERBOROUGH head up to Sheffield for their opening Premiership clash of the season on Thursday with a battle for the club’s top spot predicted.

Boss Rob lyon takes charge of the team for the first time since his appointment in the winter of 2018/19 and he believes there will be competition between his riders for the coveted No.1 on their back.

He said: “I don’t think it makes a massive difference who ends up as No.1, but I think it’s fair to say that there are three or four riders that could quite easily emerge there, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they swap around over the months as we go forward.

“I do think we’ve got riders in there of equal experience, equal ability, and a lot of them will have a point to prove to themselves as well as to others.

“Bjarne (Pedersen) starts out at No.1, but it wouldn’t surprise me if someone else took over that mantle in June, and someone else in July, and that could be a positive in lots of ways.”

Sheffield hand a home debut to Troy Batchelor, Jack Holder, Adam Ellis and James Wright.

The Tigers raced at Belle Vue in front of the Eurosport cameras on Monday and went down to a 47-43 defeat in a thrilling meeting.

Both sides will meet again on Monday in the opening meeting of the season at the Showground with tickets available from the club website.

SHEFFIELD: Troy Batchelor, Justin Sedgmen, Kyle Howarth, Jack Holder, Adam Ellis, James Wright, Josh Bates.

PANTHERS: Bjarne Pedersen, Hans Andersen, Michael Palm Toft, Scott Nicholls, Chris Harris, Jordan Palin, Ulrich Ostergaard.

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