Thursday May 13, 2021
PANTHERS boss Rob Lyon wants to see his side win their home meetings as a starting point for their play-off bid.

The bikes will return on Monday, May 24, when Lyon’s men head to Sheffield.

It will be the first track action in 20 months due to the pandemic and Lyon is keen to emphasise to his riders the home track advantage.

He said: “In any successful and consistent side, winning home matches is the key starting point, and then you build on that.

“The away record two years ago wasn’t too bad, but it’s key that we get a consistent track surface at home that all the riders are comfortable with, and when they turn up we’ve got the same type of surface that they raced on the previous time.

“As we know in modern speedway, youngsters can pop out of the start and with the nature of Peterborough’s track and the way these bikes behave, riders with much less experience can open the throttle, hang on and be hard to catch - so we need a track that’s got a lot of lines and the ability for riders to make passes.

“We want to see entertainment, but ultimately from my perspective the main issue is getting some consistency of wins at home.”

Panthers are selling tickets online for the meeting and fans who purchased season tickets for 2020 can use them this season. Further details are available from the club’s website.

The club have also announced they will go back to previous arrangements for disabled parking at gate two.

Six of the riders will be at the track tomorrow (Friday) for the club’s press and practice session which must take place behind closed doors.

Work has taken place at the track with new fencing and replacement air bags in place and there will be restricted numbers of fans allowed in the main grandstand for the first part of the season.

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