Thursday April 01, 2021
FORMER England international Richard Knight has joined Peterborough as the new commercial manager.

Knight, who enjoyed a successful career with King’s Lynn, Ipswich, Mildenhall and Berwick, has vast experience in business since his racing ended and is looking to bring in vital income for the club.

He will combine the role with his full-time employment with Wrights Motors in Downham Market, meaning he is in for a hectic few months.

And he’s revealed how he will be on familiar territory.

He said: “I still know Peterborough because I used to live there, and it was actually the first track where I ever rode.

“I know there are several people who are still there even from those days, so it will be really nice to go back there in an official role and work with everyone.

“As well as getting to know the local businesses I think it’s really important to engage with the supporters and find out what makes them want to go to speedway.

“I certainly won’t be hiding away in an office on a race-night, I’m very approachable and supporters are always welcome to talk to me.”

Knight has an open mind on how business will work out now lockdown restrictions are easing up ahead of the new season.

He said: “I think it’s more a case of it being the unknown. Nobody really knows what’s going to happen in the future, we still have restrictions as we speak and are going through the roadmap, so we aren’t out of the woods yet and it’s going to be quite a challenge.

“But I like a challenge, and especially having raced speedway I’m driven by achievements. I’m not a person that just likes to sit and ferment, I need to be doing something all the time, and this is perfect for me.

“I’ve introduced companies that I’ve known to speedway in the past, and they’ve got involved, and that’s what speedway is all about.”

Panthers already enjoy backing from Crendon Timer as team sponsors and City Auction Group as club sponsors but Knight is looking to expand on that.

He can be contacted through email at commercial@peterborough-speedway.com or by calling 07799 764630.

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