Thursday December 10, 2020
PANTHERS racer Scott Nicholls has revealed how bike rides in the countryside have helped him stay as fit as ever this year.

And Nicholls, 42, says the lack of racing has fuelled his desire to continue his career for a few more years yet.

Nicholls was expected to be a trump card in the lower order for the city club in their original team plans but looks set to be elevated higher up the team with the prospect of some riders not returning for 2021 due to Polish restrictions.

He insists he’ll be ready for a big season at Alwalton whatever the team looks like for the relaunch of the sport after a year out due to the pandemic.

He said: “The time off the bike this season has just refreshed me to go again in 2021.

"I might be another year older but I’m as fit as I’ve ever been in my career now.

"I’ve been training in the gym and been on the mountain bike seeing an awful lot of the countryside where I live.

“I certainly have no plans to call it a day with my racing. I would say the opposite and I think there's still plenty of years left in me yet.”

Nicholls is also due to double up with Championship Kent to make it a busy season for the former Ipswich man alongside his broadcast duties on the Speedway Grand Prix with BT Sport where he’s expected to continue as a studio pundit.

He’s set to continue his fitness drive in January as hopes of a new season in the spring grow thanks to fans returning to football grounds and the vaccine starting to be rolled out with over three months to go before the new campaign.

Club bosses from throughout the sport are continuing to plan the structure with Peterborough not the only club faced with changes due to the Polish rule restricting riders racing in other leagues.

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