Thursday November 19, 2020
CARL Johnson is to stand down from his official role with Peterborough.

Johnson, the club co-promoter and former team boss, insists he still ‘loves the club’ but a change in working hours has forced his hand.

It’s a blow to the city club to lose a lifelong Panthers fan who does far more than his title suggests.

And club owner Keith Chapman said: “This is a setback for the club, but we fully respect and understand Carl’s decision and the reasons why.

“Full-time jobs in speedway are few and far between and he has to get his priorities right. Much of the work Carl does at Peterborough is unseen by the general public, the hours he puts in are long on a race day and we are going to miss all that.

“He has told us he will be with us when his work circumstances allow and help us when he can, but he has to stand aside from his official role.

“I believe Peterborough Speedway owes Carl a massive debt of gratitude.”

Johnson admits the decision has pulled at his heart strings but he was left with no alternative.

He said: “Depending on how the meetings fall, and we know the schedule at the Showground is not the easiest, I could potentially not be there for a month, so it’s unfair for me to say to Colin (Pratt) and Buster (Chapman) that I’ll continue to do the things I’m doing, and then not be there.

“It’s not a case of me not wanting to be involved at Peterborough, so it hasn’t been an easy decision, but this isn’t a case of me walking away and never going back. I love the club.”

Panthers will now look at their managerial structure with Rob Lyon set to take charge for the first time next spring and Colin Pratt remaining co-promoter.

Dale Allitt, who has spent time with Panthers previously, is also ready to offer help and support on an advisory basis in the absence of Johnson.

Said Allitt: "Carl is a great guy and I enjoyed working with him previously, his enthusiasm is infectious and he's done a great job for Peterborough.

"Although I'm busy with King's Lynn, I'm happy to offer help and support to Peterborough as and when they need it, I'm only a phone call away."

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