Wednesday November 11, 2020
PETERBOROUGH co-promoter Carl Johnson has joined the long list of people paying tribute to former Panthers rider and club official Pete Seaton.

It was announced on Tuesday that Pete, 77, sadly passed away after years of dedication to the sport – and Panthers in particular.

Johnson, a lifelong Peterborough fan before becoming team manager and later co-promoter, says he will be ‘sorely missed’ in the sport.

“Pete was an inspiration to many people,” he said. “Anyone who had the pleasure to meet Pete was touched by his passion for speedway.

“He always made time for the youngsters and I learned so much from him in my early days at the club as a rider and later in my years as a machine examiner.

“His passion for taking the sport in a different direction was beyond belief, he had a vision to make speedway affordable for up and coming riders with his F2 speedway bikes which wasn’t always easy for him to bring to the table.

“I had great pleasure, as did many, to test for him. It brought back all the fond memories of when we rode speedway for fun.

“Pete will be sorely missed by everyone in the sport and a memory that we will hopefully live on, a true Panther from that first race in 1970 to 2020.”

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