Thursday July 09, 2020
PETERBOROUGH favourite Scott Nicholls insists he has no thoughts of retirement.

Nicholls, 42, has enjoyed a glittering career and says he still gets the buzz out of racing which keeps him going.

Like everyone else he’s hoping Panthers get the chance to race this year with a decision on any league season expected soon.

“As long as I keep enjoying it and get the buzz with a team I’ll keep going,” he said.

“I’m not setting myself any massive targets, but it would be nice to win another league title with a team.

“But the key factor for me is all about enjoying it and that’s what I’ll continue to do. I’m not ready to finish just yet.”

Nicholls admitted he was pleasantly surprised when he got the call to return to Alwalton this season after struggling in home meetings last year.

He said: “When they called me and asked me to ride for them again this year I asked them if they actually watched me around there last year!

“I had a tough time around Peterborough, I was struggling for speed and it’s quite apparent now I had things going on personally which made things pretty tough. The harder I tried around Peterborough the harder it got.

“But I know I can get around there, I’ve had some good performances around Peterborough. 2019 is put to bed, I know what to expect when we can get racing, and I’m looking forward to it.”

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