Thursday June 25, 2020
CHRIS Harris is one man who is desperate to get going with Peterborough.

With the latest government announcement regarding reopening of public places there are hopes throughout the sport of speedway starting in August.

Each club will be allowed to make their own call on whether to race in what will be a reduced season – without financial punishment from the sport’s governing body if any decide not to.

Harris, though, admits he wants to race for Peterborough after enjoying track conditions at the East of England Arena as a visiting rider last year.

Ironically he was due to race for Panthers last year before a change of plan saw him switch to Ipswich.

He’s also spoken of his enthusiasm for linking up with promoter Colin Pratt after first working with him at Coventry.

He said: “I’ve always enjoyed the Peterborough track anyway, but last year was a lot different with what they did to it with Buster (Chapman) coming in.

”It was grippy when we were there with Ipswich, you can tell how grippy it was with the track record going almost every meeting, and I really enjoyed riding it.

“So it’s a year later than expected, but I’ve had a great relationship with Colin Pratt for many years and I respect him highly. I owe a lot to him for keeping faith with me over the years.”

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