Sunday June 14, 2020
IT'S Peterborough Speedway's 50th anniversary weekend.

And even though we can't enjoy a celebration in person, we've asked lifelong fan and co-promoter Carl Johnson to give us his all-time Panthers 1-7.

Here goes – over to you Carl:

1. Richard Greer
A club legend who I never got to see ride but according to many supporters was an outstanding rider for the club. Still actively involved in the club and has influenced my career with the Panthers immensely.

2. Ryan Sullivan
Myself and Ryan became good friends when he joined the club as a teenager, he lived in the city and we spent a lot of time together. Ryan was never the most gifted speedway rider and had to work extra hard to hit the levels he did, for me he is one of the greatest people to ever put a Panthers race suit on. Should have been world champion and an out and out club legend.

3. Ian Barney
Ian was one of the most stylish riders of his day and was one of the first riders I ever watched and was probably one of the main influences for me to start riding a speedway bike, his never say die attitude was a real asset to him.

4. Ulrich Østergaard
What can you say about Ully... he is the modern day showman, not just on the bike but his attitude towards the club is unquestionable. He has time for anyone and everyone, he is a real Panthers man.

5. Mick Poole
Another rider that had a big influence on me as a person and a rider, Mick was unbeatable on his day around the showground and such a nice bloke as well, he took me under his wing when I was 16 and helped me with bike prep and track knowledge. I had never seen one man wear so much body armour under his leathers... he was like robocop.

6. Ronni Pedersen
Hurricane, whirlwind, tsunami.... just 3 words to describe Ronni and I know other people have many other words for him... now he could entertain, on track and off it. Ronni was similar age to myself and Ryan at the time he was with us so we all got on pretty well but my goodness he put us all to shame. I can see where his little brother Nicki gets it from, this guy could battle.

7. Simon Lambert
Simon is or was never going to be a world champion but he gives 110% every time, we've had our moments, but we always go home friends, well about an hour after leaving the track. Simon has over the years brought so much to the club not just with his bike riding but with his captaincy and his financial pull, he very rarely lets you down and when he does he is always the first to apologise. Loves the club and always begs to be part of this club he calls home.

PETERBOROUGH Speedway would like to thank our team sponsors Crendon Timber and club sponsors City Auction Group.

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