Thursday May 21, 2020
SCOTT Nicholls insists nothing beats experience as a racer – and Peterborough have plenty of that!

The Crendon Panthers have been labelled ‘Dads Army’ by many for the team they assembled for the season which is yet to start.

And British icon Nicholls said: “We may be the oldest side in the league but you can’t buy the experience we have – we all know our way around the tracks and that can count for a lot.

“I really hope we get the chance to showcase what we are all about as a team at Peterborough because I have been so positive about it.”

Nicholls also says there was an air of determination to make up for a tough time last season when various issued hampered the team who slumped to the bottom of the table.

“I really feel for the Peterborough promotion as I know they had put so much time and effort in to making this season a successful one for the club,” he said.

“We know last season wasn’t a great one for everyone so many things had been put in place behind the scenes to improve on last year.

“Speaking to the boys on a regular basis I know they are all up for us doing the business on the track.”

Like everyone Nicholls is hoping things can improve sufficiently to get some racing this year.

He said: “We are all doing our bit by staying at hoping just hoping things will improve with this virus. It’s tough for all of us but we have to keep our fingers crossed we can salvage something this season.

“Believe me the riders are just as keen as the fans to start racing again.”

Meanwhile Bradley Wilson-Dean is the main feature in the club’s 2020 season delay programme which is out on Monday.

Boss Rob Lyon also writes along with co-promoters Carl Johnson and Colin Pratt.

It’s available now from along with the four previous editions.

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