Thursday May 14, 2020
PETERBOROUGH Speedway owner Keith Chapman is refusing to give up hope of seeing racing at the East of England Arena this season.

Niels-Kristian Iversen last week signed a new contract to race in Poland and, under the current rules, he must stay in that country once the season starts on June 12.

But there is a belief this rule will be relaxed in time for a British season to start and with airlines starting to put flights on again the club haven’t lost hope of seeing him.

Chapman admits there is a serious risk to the season and it may not happen – but he says it’s too early to give up hope.

He said: “The message is clear, we have certainly not given up on the 2020 season and we hope to see you all back at the East of England Arena at some stage.

“Even if that means a reduced fixture list – and the longer the delay the more likely that seems – at least we still have a chance of racing.

“Here at Peterborough we don’t race to capacity, there is plenty of viewing space all around the stadium and we also have good pits facilities.

“I agree with Rob Godfrey, the British Speedway chairman, in saying we cannot run behind closed doors, it’s just not viable unless a sponsor could throw thousands of pounds into staging it.

“I know Poland have been looking at a June 12 start behind closed doors, but they have millions in sponsorship and the Polish Government appear to be supporting it.

“I really hope we can get going by late July / August. I know there are people who have given up on the season already, but why give up when we don’t even know the situation the country will be in this time next month?

“In addition it’s important to appreciate our wonderful sponsors Crendon Timber, the team sponsor, and club sponsor City Auction Group, for sticking with the club.”

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