Thursday April 23, 2020
PETERBOROUGH racer Scott Nicholls will again be testing his speedway knowledge on Friday night.

Nicholls, a brilliant servant to the sport throughout his glittering career, had admitted he took part in the first British Speedway quiz last week – and the reaction was so positive it’s happening every week during the season delay.

Available through speedwaygb Facebook live and the speedwaygb Youtube channel, it will start at 8.30.

Said Nicholls: “I enjoyed getting involved with the online quiz organised by the social media boys at SGB.

“It can be difficult knowing what to do day in day out right now so the quiz was a welcome break – I didn’t do that well though!

“Plenty of fans took part and got involved. I’ve also been tuning in to the meetings on a Monday night on YouTube and Facebook along with watching the Grand Prix highlights shown on BT Sport.

“All this gives the fans something to look forward to during the shutdown before the season can hopefully get going.

“The Peterborough press day seems such a while ago now.”

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