Thursday February 06, 2020
PETERBOROUGH have hinted at the possibility of a newcomer to British racing coming to the club this year.

Talks are ongoing with several riders as the city side look to put the finishing touches to their side with three slots remaining.

Club owner Keith Chapman has again thanked fans for their patience as the new season approaches.

He insists there’s no need to panic and discussions will continue into next week.

But the prospect of a new club asset who has never ridden for a British club is a realistic one at the lower end of the side.

“We have contacts in Denmark and Sweden,” he said. “And at the lower end of the team we would look at the possibility of strengthening our asset base.

“It’s something every club needs to do, to satisfy the requirements for a retained list of assets and I can confirm one of the permutations we are looking at includes a new rider who has never ridden for Peterborough or for any British club for that matter.

“I would like to thank the fans for being so supportive and patient and I would like to think now we are into February the wait won’t be for much longer.

“I would also like to again offer my sincere thanks to Steve Thompstone at Crendon Timber for his team sponsorship and Michael Tomalin at City Auction Group for the club sponsorship. It’s very much appreciated and invaluable.”

Chapman fully understands the frustration expressed by some Crendon Panthers fans on social media.

He said: “I understand everyone wanting news yesterday and I can sense the frustration in some supporters which I totally understand.

“But we have to continue to explore every avenue and come up with what we believe is the best combination of three riders for Peterborough Speedway.

“There has been a couple of surprises in terms of riders who have been in touch and we just need to piece together the best team we can for the club.”

PETERBOROUGH Speedway are backed by Crendon Timber as team sponsors and City Auction Group as club sponsors.

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