Sunday February 02, 2020
PETERBOROUGH Panthers and the Peterborough Showground have the opportunity for anyone that fits the criteria listed below, to attend a Level 2 crowd course.

It’s a very tight turn around so the club need names of people interested as soon as possible and must fit the following criteria:
• Learners need to be 19 years and above.
• Learners need to be earning less than £20,000.
• Learners will need proof of ID: a passport or birth certificate, a utility bill or bank statement within the last three months AND a pay slip.
It would be two days teaching and the learners being observed at work for a minimum of two times. You would be able to use speedway as the observation.

This course once passed would allow you become a steward at various venues and events locally, i.e Showground events, ice hockey, Peterborough United and obviously the Panthers.

It could also turn out to be a job vocation you might like to follow.
If you’re interested please email: -email-

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