Monday December 16, 2019
MICHAEL Palm Toft says the combination of the new TV deal and the return of big names like Nicki Pedersen shows British speedway is on the up.

The 29-year-old Peterborough signing has become synonymous with the sport in this country since he first arrived here in 2011, and he is clearly still passionate about racing.

Palm Toft said: “I am based in Sheffield and there has been a bit of hype about the Tigers going up. Obviously, with the signings they have made, they have got people talking and being local I can see what is going on.

“It is really good for speedway itself because they have definitely made a good signing with Nicki Pedersen and whether people like him or not, he will bring people through the gates.

“It will be a big boost not just for Sheffield, but also at other tracks too. Hopefully, we do start seeing better crowds because that is what we want for speedway in this country.

“I think that it is massive for British speedway that the sport is going to be broadcast on a wide scale. Eurosport is so wide in terms of countries where it is broadcast and hopefully they can get new people interested in the sport.

“Then you will see people going to all the tracks and not just sitting watching it on TV instead. I think it is a massive step forward for the sport to be shown on a channel like Eurosport.”

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