Monday November 04, 2019
ROHAN Tungate has hailed Peterborough’s East of England Arena circuit as one of his favourites in the country.

The Australian star was just edged out at the top of the Crendon Panthers’ averages in 2019 by British Champion Charles Wright.

But based on home figures only, Tungate was clear at the top with a Showground average of just under eight.

And whilst he admits the campaign didn’t go according to plan as far as the team were concerned, he says it was an enjoyable place to race and is making plans to be back in the Premiership next year.

Tungate said: “It’s been a tough old season for everyone connected with Peterborough with so many injuries to the side and us not racing at home on a regular basis.

“We had a good team on paper at the start of the year and I fully expected us to challenge for the play-offs, but it wasn’t to be.

“The fan base was great and the track is one of my favourites to ride in England.

“I’m open to offers about racing in England in 2020 but I guess we are all waiting for the conference when they will determine the points limit and new rules.”

Panthers will be represented along with their Premiership rivals at the BSPA AGM next week where arrangements for next year will be rubber-stamped, and team building will then take place in earnest.

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