Monday September 02, 2019
PETERBOROUGH have been forced into further changes ahead of their return to home action on Thursday against Belle Vue.

British Champion Charles Wright has to sit out the meeting as he suffered concussion in a crash at Redcar last Friday, which carries a mandatory nine-day absence.

Meanwhile Scott Nicholls has been handed a seven-day ban for his non-appearance at the Championship Riders’ Individual on Sunday, when he was due to represent Leicester.

Nicholls missed the meeting due to a back problem, but as this was a non-speedway injury the suspension has been imposed.

Former Panthers rider Michael Palm Toft will guest for Nicholls against the Aces on Thursday, with rider-replacement in operation for Wright which enables all other team members to take a ride. Palm Toft’s King’s Lynn side are the only Premiership club not racing on Thursday.

Manager Carl Johnson said: “It’s frustrating again to be without riders, but there’s nothing we can do about it.

“The suspension for Scott after missing Sheffield on Sunday is an automatic one, like when a rider misses a meeting due to illness – it’s just a shame that it’s us who suffer for it!

“The ban expires on Saturday so he’s available for the Swindon match next Monday, and Charles will be as well – I’ve spoken to him today and he’s fine, but again the nine-day absence is mandatory.

“But I’m sure Tofty can do a good job for us on Thursday, he’s in decent form and hopefully we can give everyone a boost with a good performance.”

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