Monday August 05, 2019
PETERBOROUGH boss Carl Johnson says the loss of Bradley Wilson-Dean for the rest of the season is a major blow.

And Johnson insists the club have done all they can to support the rider during his time out with injury.

"Brad was always a key part of our team plans and we were hoping to see him back at the start of this month," he said.

"It's a major blow to the team because we needed his scoring power and we had high hopes of him returning but it's not worked out like that.

"Brad remains part of the team messaging group and know he's been more than welcome to come along and support the boys.

"I checked on his progress when Josh Bates was hurt and we were hopeful he'd be back soon but it didn't happen."

Johnson has also revealed the extent of the support he and the club have given the Kiwi.

"We granted Brad a collection which raised £1,200 and that was a great effort by our fans," he said.

"We realised he wanted to get his collarbone operation done in Poland and we wanted to help with that.

"I also passed on full details of how Brad should deal with his insurance and the Speedway Riders' Benevolent Fund. We have done all we can.

"In addition, we happily helped arrange for his own merchandise range to be sold by the Supporters Club."

Johnson is looking at guest replacements to cover for the remaining weeks of the season - starting at Wolves next Monday.

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