Saturday August 03, 2019
PETERBOROUGH star Bradley Wilson-Dean has confirmed he won’t race again this season.

Wilson-Dean has been sidelined since breaking a collarbone in Heat 15 of the Crendon Panthers’ defeat at Belle Vue on June 13.

And he’s admitted that, to his intense frustration, he is no further forward in his recovery nearly two months on.

Wilson-Dean said: “My collarbone should have been an easy fix, back racing within a few weeks but it’s not healing and I’m in just as much pain now as I was after I did it.

“I’m back at the hospital in ten days to talk more with them.

“Gutted that my season has ended this way but I’ll be back next season better than ever.”

Panthers brought in Ty Proctor as a 28-day replacement for Wilson-Dean when it became clear the New Zealand Champion would be out for longer than first expected, and Proctor will remain in the side for the rest of the season.

The club face four more away matches this month, starting at Wolverhampton on August 12, before returning home on September 5 against Belle Vue.

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