Tuesday January 29, 2019
PETERBOROUGH are celebrating the news they have been handed a plum national event once again.

Panthers will stage the Championship Fours on Sunday June 23 at the East of England Arena.

The event is traditionally a festival of racing on one of the fastest racetracks in British Speedway and riders of international calibre like Scott Nicholls, Danny King, Rory Schlein and Craig Cook will be doing battle.

Panthers boss Carl Johnson said: “Anyone who has been to this event down the years knows what a great occasion it is and everyone here at Peterborough Speedway is delighted to be staging it again.

“It just adds to the excitement building. We have a top class new signing coming in over the next few days, we have a season of top flight racing with the return of club icon Hans Andersen and now confirmation we have the Fours.

“It’s great news for Peterborough Speedway and great news for the city of Peterborough as we bring national recognition with such a major event.”

British Speedway is also delighted to be staging three events at FIM level this season, with the Speedway of Nations Race-Off and World Under-21 Team Cup Final both taking place at Belle Vue, whilst Glasgow hosts a Grand Prix Qualifier.

BRITISH UNDER-21 FINAL: Berwick, Saturday April 27
CHAMPIONSHIP FOURS: Peterborough, Sunday June 23
BRITISH FINAL: Belle Vue, Monday July 29
BRITISH UNDER-19 FINAL: Redcar, Thursday August 15
CHAMPIONSHIP RIDERS’ INDIVIDUAL: Sheffield, Sunday September 1
CHAMPIONSHIP PAIRS: Somerset, Friday September 20

BRITISH UNDER-21 SEMI-FINALS: Isle of Wight, Tuesday April 16, Somerset (Date TBC)
BRITISH SEMI-FINAL: Redcar, Friday May 31

SPEEDWAY OF NATIONS RACE-OFF 2: Belle Vue, Saturday May 11
GRAND PRIX QUALIFIER: Glasgow, Saturday June 8
WORLD UNDER-21 TEAM CUP FINAL: Belle Vue, Friday July 12

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