Tuesday January 22, 2019
PETERBOROUGH boss Carl Johnson is backing his side to be a match for anyone.

And he’s also expecting a new signing to be completed soon to complete the team for their return to British Speedway’s top level.

Panthers last week released Chris Harris from their plans after the club takeover was completed.

They are currently in talks with another exciting rider with news to follow in due course.

Said Johnson: “We’ve got six riders who will compete with any team in this league, along with one more rider who we’re currently in talks with to come in and replace Chris.

“We are positive as a club that we will still have a fantastic team – we cannot lose sight of that. I certainly haven’t, and everyone associated with the club including the new owners all think it’s fantastic, and one that can do really well.

“It’s time to move on, and really push forward. We have a good opportunity and I don’t want to waste that.

“I’ve always said it’s not just about the seven riders. We will not win anything just with seven riders – it’s the owners, the management, the riders, sponsors and the supporters together. We need everybody to make it successful, and we can’t lose track of what we’ve got.”

Johnson confirmed Panthers are likely to be back to a full one-to-seven within the next week, and has stressed his backing for the ownership of Keith Chapman.

He added: “Hopefully by the weekend we can put something out, once we’ve done the deal with the rider, and talks are ongoing at the moment.

“I have always believed in being honest with everyone and Keith is actually someone who wants to improve the sport as a whole, and also to make it financially viable.

“We don’t want to be in a position where we get to mid-season and we’re struggling. I’m sure our supporters don’t want us to be in that position either.

“At the end of the season we want to have been a successful team, and also one that’s been viable, and now is the time to focus on the boys who are in the side. I’m looking forward to the opportunity, as is everyone involved.”

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